Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.

Benjamin Franklin

Business and Personal Effectiveness Skills encompass a wide range of training events that help people become more effective in their roles, contribute to business results and develop further within their organization. 

All of our courses are designed to:
• Anchor learning within the trainee for future use
• Provide an interactive learning experience, practicing skills and receiving feedback
• Use practical, real life examples that relate to your business for maximum return

TTI In-Person Training 

Off the shelf courses have the advantages of speed of implementation and proven effectiveness. TTI has courses available to suit the needs of businesses without customization. Many of TTI's clients, however, choose a strategy to create custom designed courses to address a specific need.  They want to include real life case studies and to pick and choose topics for inclusion based on priorities and design preferences.  TTI designs courses from scratch, or can pull from a vast library of training materials as templates, to design clients’ courses to address these needs.


The following list of “off-the-shelf” courses is not exhaustive and each course can be customized to suit the organization’s needs.  Starting with a prepared course, however, can be a much faster implementation for those companies where timing is critical. Each course utilizes the best models and processes available for the learning area including effective personality/communication styles assessments, behavioral models, and engaging exercises for hands-on learning.



Emotional Intelligence
What is EI and why is it so important today? Learn the ways to recognize the emotional state of another and how to control your own emotions within the work context. 

MBTI® Certified Facilitator
The purpose of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) personality inventory is to make the theory of psychological types described by C.G. Jung understandable and useful in people's lives.


Introduction to Project Management Skills
Learn the A-Z of effective project management fundamentals

Beyond the GANTT Chart: Project Management in the Real World
Why even the most technically trained project managers fail and what you can do to be a successful implementation star.

Project Management for Leaders

  • Turn unclear situations into action plans

  • Adapt your behavior to have more successful interactions with stakeholders

  • Communicate clearly & effectively to reduce misunderstanding

  • Understand how to anticipate & prevent emotional responses



Introduction to Communication Skills 
Key skills, barriers that hinder communications and how to overcome. Personal communication styles, key elements of communication.


Creating and Delivering Executive Communications 
Communicating strategic messages, building trust, gaining and sustaining buy-in from staff, and effectively fielding questions.          
Communicating to Reduce Risk
Defining a ‘risk aware’ culture in the workplace. Creating an environment which encourages and supports pro-active and accountable behaviour.
Practical Presentation Skills
Identifies what hinders the effectiveness of our presentations and how to overcome these obstacles. Practical application and skills practice.


Negotiation Skills
Learn how to utilize negotiation tools and processes for effective sessions and positive outcomes.


Influencing Skills
Identify and implement key approaches and strategies for influencing individuals and situations.


Leadership Skills Workshop
Effective communications, goal setting, creativity, risk taking and the importance of decision making.
Developing Personal Leadership Skills
Explores the ingredients that cause people to become highly effective in their professional lives.
Personal Effectiveness in a Changing Environment
Managing a proactive response to change.


Situational Leadership Model
How to determine an individual’s development level, and how and when to provide directive and supportive leadership to line staff.


Performance Objective and Goal Setting
Relationship between business and personal performance objectives, Strategies for setting performance objectives and personal goal setting
Effective Delegation Skills
Benefits and challenges associated with the delegation of work. Management toolkit to aid effective delegation in the workplace
Effective Feedback Skills
Management model when providing timely feedback to line staff, both positive and negative. Strategies on handling behavioural issues.


Jump Start Your Coaching Skills

  • Identify strategies to overcome obstacles and create momentum with your teams

  • Apply your enhanced coaching skills in the workplace

  • Improve your ability and confidence as an effective coach


Manager as Coach

Situational Leadership skills and coaching models for team effectiveness.

  • Explain what coaching is and is not

  • Identify strategies to overcome obstacles and create momentum with your teams

  • Apply your enhanced coaching skills in a variety of situations

  • Improve your ability and confidence as an effective coach



Effective Client Service Skills 
Client Service vision and skills, communicating for success
Managing Client Relationships 

  • Communication Styles, Motivators and Needs

  • Preparing for the Call

  • Building the Relationship

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